Brand New Single – ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ – OUT NOW




It is with great pleasure that we release our new single First We Take Dumbarton into the world. It’s available now, here, as a Postcard single with an exclusive b-side, and on all the digital platforms that you’d expect.

It is the first single to be taken from our third album Faulty Inner Dialogue which will be released on Lost Map Records on 29 July 2016. The following video gives you a wee introduction to the album:

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First We Take Dumbarton 

I’ve paid too much for drinks I can’t afford
But you say there’s nothing less forgivable than ever being bored
Anarchy has an APR
Am I sitting in my ideal car?
I need distraction with total fuss
Your call is important to us

First we take Dumbarton
Then we take advantage
No particular reason to
No particular reason not to

There are teeth marks on the steering wheel
I’m in a concrete noose and I’m indifferent to how it feels
I’m windswept and disinterested
I’m stupidity as an artform
I’m detached and I’m drifting
This lift music is uplifting

First we take Dumbarton
Then we take advantage
No particular reason to
No particular reason not to

There are pictures of trees covering every wall
To make you feel like you aren’t here at all
Do you have the attention span?
Do you have the attention span?
Do you?

First we take Dumbarton
Then we take advantage
No particular reason to
No particular reason not to

Your dissenting voice is an extremist view
Get back on your couch until we decide what to do
There’s poverty as entertainment
And karaoke as art
We’ve got a monitor just your size
So when can you start?

First we take Dumbarton
Then we take advantage












Brand New Single and Tour




We’re coming back. We’re going to play shows and we’re going to release new material. All of the stuff that is the minimum you would expect of a band! *high five*


Our brand new single First We Take Dumbarton will be released on Lost Map Records on 29 April 2016. This is the first single to be taken from our third LP, which will be released in July. More on that soon.

We’ll be celebrating our new single with the following short tour:

KID C SPRING 16_NO_ABER (905x1280)


See you soon!

Kid C x x x

Christmas Baubles VI Earlybird Tickets have SOLD OUT!



Earlybird tickets for Christmas Baubles VI sold out in 23 minutes today!

BUUUUT you can still purchase tickets for our annual mid-winter extravaganza for only £18 over on the Lost Map Records website, here:

There’re really going quickly this year, so get yours now!

Kid Canaveral + SPECIAL GUESTS
Saturday 19th December, 3pm til late
Pilrig St Paul’s Hall


Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles VI

Ho-ho-hello everyone,

It’s that time of year again (late summer) where we let you know that the winter ahead won’t be naught but relentless gloom.

We are delighted to announce that Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles will be returning for a sixth consecutive year, again in conjunction with our label/pals 4 lyf – Lost Map Records.

This year, we’re closing the curtains, putting a pound in the meter and drawing you all much closer. We’ve been working on our third album and we want to introduce you to some of it in a more intimate setting. So we’re inviting you to come along to Pilrig St Pauls Church Hall in Edinburgh from 3pm on Saturday 19th December. We’ll be festooning the place with the usual decorations, and we’ll have a fully stocked, delightful bar, as well as a line-up of Very Special Guests to entertain the tinsel out of yous. We’ll be letting you know who they are over the coming months.

Early Bird tickets will be on sale on Wednesday 9 September at 12 noon on the Lost Map Records website.

These Early Bird tickets are priced at an almost unbelievably reasonable £15 but will be extremely limited in number. In fact, all tickets this year will be extremely limited in number due to the smaller size of venue, so you’d better get yours even quicker than last year.

Every ticket will come with a FREE KID CANAVERAL CHRISTMAS EP on attractive Cassette (with download code), featuring brand new, original material from us, your yuletide hosts. Pretty mental amounts of fun for such a small wedge, eh?

So, get your mouse cursor ready for Wednesday 9th September…

See y’all soon





Howlin’ Fringe and other dos


It has been a wee bit since I updated this blog that I had resolved to update on regular basis, hasn’t it? 

It’s August. So really it’s only three-and-a-half months since I last wrote a blog. That’s no time at all. Right?

Anyways… We’ve been busy. Not busy in a way that you would notice, but we’ve been labouring away in studios, both practise and recording, and we’re getting closer to finishing the sessions for our new record + other bits and bobs. I’ve been trying to write as much as possible. I want us to have as much material to choose from as possible. I think I’ve hit my stride at the moment. I wrote something on Thursday night and it was recorded on Friday. It just needs mixed. If I keep this up and Kate keeps writing too, we’ll have a triple LP ready by September. Except that we won’t really. This will not be our Sandinista!, alas. I’ve been fully applying myself, an’ aw. I’ve not had a drink for 43 days. Three weddings and an all-day gig (drinking session) in June left me feeling considerably older (and chubbier) than my 23 years*. I am a focussed, sober, songwriting machine. Unfortunately, they’re not all good. BUT SOME ARE. Real good.

The studio time that we’ve had since last I wrote a blog has left us with seven songs pretty much ‘in the can’. Is there a modern version of that phrase? ‘In the Dropbox’?** We’ll be recording a number of new songs in the middle of this month and then we should hopefully have a better idea of a timescale for mixing and release.

We’ve started to rehearse the new songs for playing them live and it’s making them seem like tangible things. They have grown from the idea and skeletal structure that we demoed, into having lyrics, layers, textures and, rather importantly, endings. There have been sprawling songs that have needed a wee trim to bring them back under the self-indulgent threshold (and six-minute mark). There have been songs jettisoned because they are downright boring or mince. We’ve recorded whole songs and then got rid of the entire instrumentation and started from scratch, with only the chords and the vocal line remaining. We’re trying not to repeat ourselves. We’re trying not to repeat ourselves.

Michael has been a huge help since joining us, not only in fleshing out our sound, but in advising us how to perform our new material in a live setting. It’s a wee bit more technologically complicated in places than our previous stuff. Actually, it’s pretty much just Michael on his own, triggering backing tracks that culminate to form a number of throbbing techno soundscapes, while the rest of us stand there trying to look busy***. We heard the 90s were ‘back’.

What I’m saying is: don’t worry, we’ve honestly not been idly soaking up this Summer weather.

We’ve two shows coming up this weekend, at which we’ll be debuting some new songs.

This Saturday 8 August we’ll be playing at Lost Map’s Howlin’ Fringe in Penicuik Town Hall. Sus from Tuff Love will be filling in Rose’s bass and vocal duties.

We will be onstage at 3.15pm, so get down there early and dinnae miss us.

There are handful of tickets left here


 This Sunday 9 August we’ll be playing at Mugstock in Mugdock Country Park near Milngavie. Rose will be fulfilling her own bass and vocal duties. 

We will be on the Main Stage at 5.30pm.

There are some tickets left here


We’ll be back soon with some more gig announcements and album rambles. 

See yous soon

david x 

tl;dr We’ve recorded even more stuff. Come and see us at Howlin’ Fringe in Penicuik on Sat 8 August and/or at Mugstock on Sun 9 August.



**Other file-sharing platforms are available. I think.

***This is not the case.


Chocolate Hangover

Hello again, hello


We’ve been in the studio again. That was our Easter present. I’m now enjoying writing this sitting next to a window exulting in the glorious sunshine that is pouring through it  after spending a couple of days in windowless rooms.

It went well. It went very well. Thank you for asking. Or, thank you for willing me to get to the point. We got another song done from scratch. It came out of me tinkering about with ideas on Garage Band on the couch las t Wednesday night, while my girlfriend tried to watch Netflix over me occasionally muttering obscenities because of my inability to keep time on the small touch screen of a phone. I’m loads of fun, so I am.


The Garage Band instruments replaced with Real Instruments™, and guitar and vocals added, it sounds like an album opener to me. Two minutes long, and sounding different to anything off the last two records. Time will tell if I get my way.


We spent some time working on songs from the other sessions, too. Our Krautrock-ish one, has had a lot of things stripped from it. We chucked everything at it when we recorded it and it’s always sounded cluttered. I’d just bought a fancy new delay pedal with a tempo control on it, so I’d gone over the top with that. In the end it was quite boring and took up too much space on the track. The bass has been changed to give the song more room to manoeuvre, and Rose will do a better job of my guide track when she’s next in, I’m sure.

We had a lot of fun with the track that we’ve recorded with Kate on lead vocals. It was sounding a bit too indiepop circa 2006, so we stripped it of all of the original instrumentation, bar the vocals. It is now sitting a lot better with the rest of the songs. 

Lead vocals are done for the full band (and altered) version of the song I played on Vic Galloway’s Xmas Show. It’s almost done, I reckon. 


We’ll be going back in a few weeks to track drums for most of the rest of record/other things. Hopefully we’ll get most of them done then. Hopefully.

I’ll be playing at Common Fest next week in Glasgow. It’s at the QMU on Friday 17 April. Here is the poster: 


Please don’t let on to my mother that everyone appearing gets an individual poster like this. I’m trying to keep her under the impression that I’m totally successful enough to merit my name this size in comparison to the other considerably more impressive names below me. I may throw in some new stuff as well as my usual mix of our back catalogue and appalling chat.

Oh! Our pal and labelmate Rozi Plain’s new album ‘Friend’ is available for pre-order over on the Lost Map website.


Go here to have a listen to the beautiful sounds of track ‘Friend City’ and then buy it. 

Right, I’m off to finish off some more songs and then bask in the sun. I need my Vitamin D.



Spring forward, or else.


How are you this weather?

We’ve just finished another stretch in the recording studio. It was a good one, I think. No, that’s not fair. I know it was a good one. We struggled at the start with some of the new material; the direction in which we wanted it to go was pulling against the direction in which our playing of it was taking us. I hope that makes sense.

“Fewer chords! More rhythm!”

“Don’t disappear up your own arse”

“Shut up”

“I’m tired”


We should write our own version of Oblique Strategies. It would contain a lot more puerile swearing.

One of the songs from our last session in November, that I was left at a complete loss as to what do with, really came together on Wednesday. It’s lost a bit of its winter weight and now clocks in at three and a half minutes rather than seven. It’s exciting, and I am excited by it.

Another one is made up of a 30-second snippet I recorded when doing demos for Now That You Are a Dancer. I wrote the rest of it last week and it is sounding very different to what I had originally imagined. This is the one that Scott has called ‘Stupid Drumbeat’. He’s not happy with my programming skillz on the ol’ Zoom drum machine for the demo…


We recorded a full band version of the new song that I did on Vic Galloway’s Christmas show in December (alas, not the Dolly Parton Cover). I’m never that comfortable with the acoustic guitar, so it was nice to be able to strip out the constant chords and give the song some space.

Kate is steaming ahead by having recorded probably the final vocal for one of her penned numbers. It’s called ‘Listen to me’ (provisionally) and sadly no longer has a hip hop-inflected drumbeat. Kate also manages to wind Scott up with her drum machine demoing.

Another one we came back to from November was our attempt at Krautrock. We’ll see how it develops. I’ve taken a slightly different mix home with me to have a think about.

It was a good session for another reason, mainly that I think we’ve managed to plan when we’ll have wrapped the album, and we’ve booked the requisite time. NOW, I’m certainly not going to commit to text when that is; what happened with the last album recording and subsequent delay is all too fresh in the memory. But, by the end of the sessions we’ve booked we should have enough material to decide what’ll make up our record and what’ll be for other things.


Another good thing was that we got to enjoy our pieces outside on Saturday, sitting against the wall and taking in the warm sunshine. It was glorious. The Randolph’s Leap I Can’t Dance to This Music show at the CCA gave us some time to unwind after the first day, which always involves lots of set-up and the inevitable drum-checks and subsequent takes.


No-one can dance to anything at this point…

Record-baron, friend, and lift-blagger, Johnny Lunch from Lost Map Records, came to see us to check that the email in which I described our new stuff as sounding “like Daniel O’Donnell produced by Skrillex” was not in any way accurate.

"I can hear shades of 'Mayo Mammy' right enough..."

“I can hear shades of ‘Mayo Mammy’, right enough…”

Gal was, as ever, patient to the last, finding ever more ways to say “are you sure you want to do it like that?” and “it’s good, but it’s not the one”.

I got home, unwelcomely rested all of my gear in the middle of the living room, and apologised ureservedly to my girlfriend that my brain was empty and I could not ‘do’ proper sentences until I’d eaten something. 100% total cool dude.

We’re back in the studio over the Easter weekend. We’re totally nailing this ‘getting on with it’.

I’ll tell you all about it (you don’t have to read it).






























March, at last.

Hello everyone,

It’s March. You can’t stop Spring, now. Not even in Scotland. The Crocuses (Croci?) are up and daylight is hanging around a bit longer every day, being coaxed out of the Winter months as if we are only now managing to apologise for whatever offensive behaviour on our part caused it to slink away in October.

It’s been a quiet time for Kid Canaveral. We’ve done a couple of really enjoyable shows in the past couple of months (Celtic Connections, Pop South), but we’ve mostly been hidden away since Baubles V trying to put together the next bit of our third record. You may have noticed that we’ve welcomed a new member into the fold. If you haven’t, be prepared to say hello to Michael Craig. Michael is a very talented sort, who can play keys and tinker with computer things that are beyond the rest of our collective ken. It felt right to ask him to join now as he’s joined us onstage a number of times over the years, and he is just what we need to help us recreate all of noise that we have, and will have, on record.

Here is a picture of me and Michael on a bus:


So, what are we up to? Well, writing, is the short answer. Trying to bring together ideas to take into the recording studio in Castlemilk at the end of the month. A week in the studio. No pressure. We’ve already got most of two songs recorded from a session late last year. We’ve got a Christmas song to record. In March. If you take the two occurrences of the word Christmas out of it, it’s no longer that Christmassy. I like it too much to only play it two months of the year. So what do we do? I’m willing to go for two versions; a word swap and some sleigh bells. Effin’ sleigh bells, mate.

This record feels like a bit of a daunting task. I think that I am thinking about it too much. Last year was a strange one. To be nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award and have a picture of our album applauded at the Barrowlands was a surreal, wonderful, and beautiful experience, but it followed a 2013 where we felt that our attempts to promote our second record were severely hampered by uncertainty over things beyond our control. I really love our second record, and I’m still a bit sad that we didn’t get to tour it and promote it as much as our debut. First and foremost, I want to be as proud of this new record as I am of Now That You Are a Dancer. We knuckled down and had the most productive six months of our lives to produce that. So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get on with it. Who knows what it’ll sound like, eh? I’ll post the odd photo from the studio along with potentially misleading information around the direction of the album…

Gabber. It’s going to be all Gabber.

Why am I rambling on? I suppose it is really just to say hello to those of you who are keen on our band, and to let you know that we’re not idly sitting about.

We’ve got some very attractive new t-shirts here.

There seems to still be a rather excellent sale going on in our webshop, too.

We’ll be playing at the Brew at the Bog Festival in May:
you can catch Kate at Randolph’s Leap‘s third instalment of I Can’t Dance to This Music on 21 March, Tickets here:…/randolphs-leap-present-i-cant-dance-to…;
and me, acoustically at CommonFest in April:

We’ll be out and about later in the year too, in a town near you. Relatively near you, anyways.

Should we write to you more often? Probably not, you cry, based on what you’ve just read.

Now it is time for us sod off to the NW Highlands to see in Rose’s birthday with a bunch of friends and kerry oots. I’m off to pack my guitar (writing), running shoes (for punishment) and whisky (for the weather).

See you soon






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Available in black with white design and ‘natural’ with magenta design.


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On the First Day of Baublemas….


Only 12 short days until Christmas Baubles V at Portobello Town Hall. From now on, we’ll be revealing a number of extra special treats every single day to ensure that excitement levels have reached fever pitch come the 13th!

We open door number 1 on our Advent Canaveralar (sorry) to reveal a real proper (minor) celebrity. The new video from Bauble’s performers Randolph’s Leap is a belter and stars a very well known face from the past. We won’t ruin the surprise (unless you know your celeb moustaches from the pic below) but check out the video, premiering at Q Magazine right now, and you won’t be disappointed.


And, of course, don’t forget to buy your Baubles tickets:

Til tomorrow,

Kate xx