Faulty Inner Dialogue CD Album

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Third album on CD in digifile gatefold sleeve.

Faulty Inner Dialogue finds the band building on the electronic sounds that featured around the fringes of Now That You Are A Dancer while retaining their instantly identifiable core of miscreant-romantic melodic guitar pop.

Opener ‘Gun Fhaireachdain’ is an uncompromising introduction to their new sound with its brittle distressed opening, wandering sequencer patterns, thumping drums and distorted vocals. All galloping chords, glitchy beats and sweet harmonies racing towards a raging finale of splashing hi-hats and maxed out fuzz boxes, ‘First We Take Dumbarton’s’ breezy façade masks an acidic cynicism about the over-saturation of media in our lives and pervasive profit-before-people dogma.

Written and sung by Lazda, ‘Callous Parting Gift’ and ‘Listen To Me’ are Postal Service-esque caustic electro-pop nuggets. ‘Lives Never Lived’ proves Kid Canaveral can still unleash some face-melting guitar noise when the mood takes them while climactic closer ‘Reel’ is a gorgeous feedback- lashed triumph of machine music with a very human heart.


  1. Gun Fhaireachdain
  2. First We Take Dumbarton
  3. Tragic Satellite
  4. Ten Milligrams
  5. Callous Parting Gift
  6. Pale White Flower
  7. Lifelong Crisis Of Confidence
  8. Listen To Me
  9. From Your Bright Room
  10. Twenty Milligrams
  11. Lives Never Lived
  12. Reel
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