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Shouting At Wildlife CD Album

LONG 003
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Kid Canaveral’s glorious debut. Across this twelve track adventure in effortlessly enveloping DIY indie-pop, the band showcase the full depth and breadth of their songwriting skills, proving that they are not just a band tossing around a throng of catchy A­sides (‘You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night’, ‘Smash Hits’, ‘Left and Right’), but also the kings and queens of the slow­burner (‘And Another Thing!!’). Harmonies soar as well as settle, and whispered middle­eights are every bit as captivating as wailing guitar feedback.


1. Good Morning

2. You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night

3. Left and Right

4. Cursing Your Apples

5. Smash Hits

6. Quiet Things Are Quiet Now

7. And Another Thing!

8. On Occasion

9. Talk and Talk

10. Couldn't Dance

11. Her Hair Hangs Down

12. Good Morning (Reprise)

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